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This is something that has always been on my mind, since I began adding personalization to my children’s shirts.  When I first began selling shirts, I did not offer this.   Because I had so many requests for names, I decided to add personalization as an option.   

Most children love personalized things like bicycle license plates, key chains, and shirts to name a few.   But, as parents, we all want to keep our children safe and understand that when a child wears something with their name on it, they can become a target.   People see your children when they’re out and about at the mall, at school or even in the front yard.  When a child is approached by a stranger that calls to them by name, it is easy to believe the person is safe and not in any danger.

Protecting them with personalized items certainly is possible.   When you personalize an item, it’s best to only use a  first name.  You will want to watch where you allow them to wear it. A toddler or small child should not wear a shirt with their name on it in a crowded or public place. Elementary school children should not wear a personalized shirt if they walk to school alone.  Older children must be reminded regularly of stranger danger and that  it is much to easy for a stranger to befriend your child if they call him or her by name.  

While it’s ok to have certain things personalized, you need to be very careful how you do it and when they wear it. When you do this you will protect your children and you will feel better knowing they are safe. 

There may be dangers of wearing a personalized item in public, however, your child will burst with pride wearing his/her personalized big brother or big sister shirt among family and friends!

Embroidered personalized big sister shirts for infants, toddlers, youths

Big sister shirts

Big brother t-shirts, little brother and baby brother shirts

Construction Big Brother Shirt

Now that we made the Big Sister feel proud, we must not forget the Big Brother!  He wants to feel special too!   Big brother t-shirts  are a great way for the Big Brother to celebrate the new addition to your family and proudly show off his new “Big Brother” status.  Also, they coordinate with our big sister shirt designs!

From tough trucks to fun sports The Cozy Cactus offers a variety of  delightfully embroidered Big Brother t-shirts.   Most are also available for the little brother & baby brother  as well.   Shirts are available in toddlers, infants and youth sizes.  You can choose from short sleeve, long sleeve, sweatshirts and a one-piece for infants.  Most shirts can be personalized with your child’s name and colors may also be changed. 

Star big brother shirts, baby brother shirts, little brother shirts

Star Brother Shirts

To see more of our Big Brother, little brother and baby brother designs visit our website:  Big Brother Shirts.

Also, take a look at our coordinating Big  Sister Shirts!

Personalized I'm the big brother t-shirt

Personalized I'm the big brother t-shirt